What Is Internet Radio?

What Is Internet Radio?
With many new forms of evolving technology it can be confusing as to what each new technology actually is and what it does. Internet radio is the streaming of radio stations via the medium of the internet, however, the listener will use an internet radio player usually connected to their home Wifi to listen to the radio station. The media that is streamed is like FM radio (for example it cannot be paused or rewound in most cases) only better quality.

The advantage of listening to internet radio is that you have access to thousands of radio stations from across the world and lots of genres of music that you may have never listened to before. Also the quality of the signal and reception of internet radio is a lot better than say FM radio because it is digital quality rather than analogue.

The advantage of using an internet radio player is the user doesn’t have to sit in front of their computer to listen to the internet stations’ broadcast. Another advantage is that with some internet radio players (such as the Roberts 83i.) the user can also stream media from their home computer via their Wifi straight to their music player meaning you can create playlists of your favourite music and have them play anywhere in their house where they have the internet radio player.

Most of the stations broadcasting on the internet are free to listen to which is great, also there are some useful paid for services such as lastfm which is a music recommendation service. There are also websites such as TuneIn and SomaFM which bring a list of radio stations together and let you for example browse by music genre – this is very useful and will let you quickly find stations you like.

How does internet radio work?
Internet radio works in 2 ways:
By going to a radio station website or a third party website and sitting with a laptop, pc or tablet and listening to it via the devices speakers or our preferred way is by taking your home wifi signal and sending the broadcast signal to your internet radio player (such as the Roberts 83i) which will play the preferred station via the dedicated radios speakers – such radios can also automatically tune to internet radio stations via their interface or even let you browse and play music from your home pc allowing you to create playlists etc of your favourite tracks to listen to freely as long as they can connect to your WIFI e.g. all over the house!!

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How can you listen to Internet Radio?
You can listen to internet radio where ever there is a wifi connection – this can be anywehere in your house or if your wifi signal is strong enough you can even listen in your back garden. Personally i like to listen to internet radio each morning when i wake up using a portable internet radio player which i can also take into the bathroom with me whilst i get ready so i can hear it all through the morning.

My favourite internet radio player is the Roberts 83i Stream – you can see my full review of it Here.