What Is DAB Radio?


DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and is the method by which digital radio stations broadcast their service.

It is fast replacing the older FM/AM as the technology used in DAB is superior to the FM/AM signal service.

DAB has many advantages over FM radio namely the fact that the signal is digital and not analogue giving you better sound quality. Also, as DAB transmits digital audio, there is much less interference and there is no hiss with a weak signal, which can happen on FM.

As a digital signal takes up less space on the airwaves there is also a lot more DAB radio stations and they are very easy to pick up with a DAB radio – you just choose the name of the station from the display on your digital radio.

The digital signal contains a lot more information and this can be used to display more real-time info (radiotext) on your DAB radio receiver such as the Artist and Title of the track playing or on new bulletins the headlines may be scrolled across the display.

The UK government has not committed as yet to a full digital radio switchover however it is thought that by 2015 this may well happen.

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