Roberts Unologic DAB/FM RDS Digital Radio with Built-in Battery Charger Review

Roberts Unologic DAB/FM RDS Digital Radio with Built-in Battery Charger Review

This is another portable radio that offers lots of features to the consumer. It has a built in battery charger, is a simple and stylish design (available in black or white), offers preset options, and even offers names of the stations on the display. It even has a USB port so you can update the software in the radio. It offers all the basic functions people want in a portable radio with some modern flair, with very few drawbacks in comparison.


Although almost entirely good, this radio has a few faults just like everything. First, there is no way to adjust the sound settings like other radios offer, which is fine for some people but will greatly bother others.  Some people like to fine tune the sound quality based on the type of music playing and there is absolutely no way to do it on this radio so they won’t get the sound quality they are used to.

This just depends on the person and what they want and expect out of a portable radio. The sound knob is also easy to accidentally change…just barely brushing against it can result in a loud burst of noise that disturbs others and can’t possibly be good on the speakers—which are another problem, the quality of other radio speakers just isn’t found with this radio and they will wear out over time, especially if you use the radio a lot. Once again that may not be a problem for the casual music listener, but for those that take their music very seriously, it is something to keep in mind prior to purchasing this particular radio.

Positive Aspects

Perhaps the best feature of the Roberts Unologic DAB/FM RDS Digital Radio is that it has a built in battery charger. You don’t need to run out of back up batteries ever again. Just use the rechargeable batteries and you can always have a set ready as long as you plan ahead. This is not only convenient but saves money as well, and who couldn’t stand to save some cash? The sound quality of the radio is also quite good for the price range, the volume is great and the sound quality doesn’t start to waver unless you have it turned all the way up, but that is a speaker problem as mentioned previously.

You can auto tune this radio or manually tune it as well, a standard feature in all radios now. Another great feature is that you have a Favorites button along with your preset buttons and they are all extremely easy to set. No confusing patters of buttons to press or accidently resetting them because you bumped the wrong button at the wrong time.  This radio also has the unique feature of a USB port that lets you plug it into a computer for software updates—how’s that for keeping up with technology!

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Final Thoughts

This radio is a great bargain for most people’s needs. It has great volume and sound quality for a non-professional digital radio and the positive points by far outweigh the negative points of the radio. You can have an excellent portable radio that is easy to use and offers a digital screen so you always know what station you are on or what song you are listening to, no more guessing about the song or the station like you will do with other portable radios.  I would definitely recommend the Roberts Unologic Digital Portable radio if you’re in the market for a good radio with a decent value for the price.

What others are saying:
The Roberts Unologic has received rave reviews from most consumers on the net with an average of 4.4 out of 5 from most reviewers on Amazon.

Here are some of the comments to date:
• The sound quality is excellent, in fact quite amazing from such small speakers.
• This is a great radio if you need to be able to run from batteries sometimes but can use the mains at other times.
• Nice solid radio with good sound.
• I was pleasantly surprised at its sensitivity – the aerial position is not as critical as other DAB radios that I have used.

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