Roberts RD21B (ECO4) Ecologic 4 DAB & FM RDS Digital Stereo Radio Review

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Roberts Radio Limited, manufacturer of the Roberts Ecological Digital 4 Stereo Radio has been producing state-of-the-art radios since 1932. With over 80 years of history in providing customers across the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States with extraordinary radios, the new generation of digital stereo radios continues to defy even the loftiest of expectations from loyal customers. Roberts Radio has always been at the top of the field by continuing to adapt and innovate on radios and technologies. Today, they offer over 100 different DAB, analogue, internet radios, world radios, and radio cassettes to their loyal customer base. Their reputation continues to be the envy of the industry and their commitment to improvements, innovation, product development and customer service are tenants that competitors try to emulate.

Battery Life And Mains Operation

One of the features that astounds buyers of the Ecologic 4 is the battery life.  While competitor radios may be able to claim 20 to 30 hours of operating time on batteries, the Ecologic 4 is truly amazing by consistently getting 125-150 hours of battery life.  This is truly an eco-friendly innovation that has the industry and customers amazed.  Not only is this better for the environment, but it makes this radio much cheaper to operate than any other digital radio or stereo on the market today.  One of the things that will help with the reduced battery consumption, is the ability to choose the reduced power consumption level.  If, of course, you do run out of batteries, all you have to do is plug the unit into the wall socket for immediate power through mains operation.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Roberts Ecologic 4 is truly amazing for the price and the size of the unit.  The separate treble and bass buttons allow for the fine tuning that most discerning ears desire.  The audio quality is superb and listeners will be amazed that there is no distortion even at higher volume levels  either indoors or outdoors.  The strong reception quality of this stereo contributes to the fine sound quality and the built in speakers are suitable.  The Line Out allows users to connect an amplifier or surround sound receiver easily, as desired.

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Ease Of Use

One of the best features of the Roberts Ecologic 4 is the ease of use.  Setup is virtually nonexistent and in just a manner of moments from taking it out of the box you can be enjoying your favorite radio station.  It takes less than 60 seconds for the radio to find and tune to the available digital stations in your area.  The analogue styled dial for controlling volume and tuning is a nice switch up from the typical up and down errors on most electronic devices.  Assigning stations to the preset buttons is quick and simple enough for even a child to setup.  Since this radio is portable, it is designed that every time it is switched on, it automatically searches for digital radio stations in the area.  Even in the more remote areas, the quality of sound and signal strength are amazing.

Overall Strengths

The Roberts Ecologic 4 DAB/FM RDS Digital Stereo Radio is a great buy.  This well-made radio will provide you with 150 hours of continuous enjoyment on 6 D batteries.  It is durable and housed in an attractive casing that is easy to move making it ideal for home or office environments.  It offers great reception and the setup is easy and quick.  Even individuals that are skeptical about digital stereos will love this model from Roberts Radio.  The display panel is easy to read and is in fact nearly twice as large as most other radios in this class.  It is easy to read for all individuals, even those with limited vision.  The only real downside to this outstanding radio is the lack of an alarm; but with all of the other benefits and features, it is easy to overlook this flaw in design.

The portability of this radio and its ability to operate for 150 hours on batteries makes it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts while camping, boating or for picnics. It is also great for tradespeople on the go that like to carry their own music with them but for safety reason cannot wear ear pieces.  The Roberts DAB/FM RDS Digital Stereo Radio is a great buy for anyone looking for a state-of-the-art digital stereo that is compact and portable.

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Specifications Of The Ecologic 4 DAB/FM RDS Digital Stereo Radio

There are three radios in their Ecologic line of radios.  Because of Roberts Radio Limited’s dedication to developing products that are environmentally friendly they have created this line.  The specifications for the Ecologic 4 are as follows:

  • 150 hours battery life equally five times more than competitive DAB Radios
  • Reduced consumption level  setting to extend battery life
  • DAB/FM stereo wavebands with FM RDS station name display
  • 20 station presets for ease of use and convenience
  • Individual bass and treble controls
  • Line output and headphone sockets
  • Frequency range DAB Band III 174.928-239.200MHz, FM 87.5-108MHZ
  • Menu display selection
  • Stereo/Mono setting on FM
  • Output power 2x3w
  • Powered by 6 D batteries, or attached power cord
  • Stereo headphone socket
  • Stereo line output socket
  • Telescopic aerial
  • Weight:  1.95 kg

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