Roberts ECO1BK Ecologic 1 DAB/FM RDS Digital Radio with Built-in Battery Charger Review

I love the Roberts ecologic 1 DAB Radio. Read Why!

Battery life can be a drain…
Battery Life for dab radios is an issue as most DAB radios are either mains only or require rechargeable batteries to be swapped out to charge – so being able to charge the batteries via the actual radio unit is a big bonus. You can leave the radio plugged in overnight or during the day and the batteries are recharged for you – you also don’t have to use rechargeable batteries but can use alkaline batteries – just choose which type you are using by moving the switch.

One user of the radio has stated that by using Ni-MH batteries (2500mAH Fully Charged) they have been able to operate the Ecologic 1 for more than 15 hours. The manufacturer states: Up to 25 hours of listening when used for 4 hours a day at normal volume using alkaline cells (normal non rechargeable batteries) which seems very good. There is also the option to let the unit operate via the mains adapter supplied.

DAB & FM Included
The radio allows both dab & fm station presets (5 of each), the up & down tuning buttons allow for manual tuning or you can let the unit search for stations by itself using the auto scan – meaning no more frustrating tuning – this is a very easy to use and DAB beginner friendly unit. A lot of users have commented on just how good the reception is on the unit with many not even having to use the telescopic ariel that is provided. Stations are viewed and selected through an LCD display and although an FM option is available, the large number of DAB stations available are more than enough to satisfy most users requirements.

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The portable design of the unit means it is compact enough to take it with you in places where you might not necessarily have access to a plug. This means you can use the radio to listen whilst in the bathroom or even outdoors – this unit could be your companion whilst in the shed or traveling or camping allowing you to listen to the cricket or football or whatever your favorite station may be. The radio is compact & lightweight enough to fit in a coat pocket and can be listened to with headphones and the lock button stops the settings from changing.

One small point though is that the radio operates in Mono & not stereo although this can be fixed by listening to the unit via headphones or you can plug it into a sound dock or similar device to boost the sound and give you stereo output.

Overall the radio is an affordable solid radio made by the well known Roberts brand. Setting it up is simplicity itself and takes only a few minutes to do and all controls are straightforward and easily understood.

What others are saying:
The Roberts Ecologic 1 has received rave reviews from most consumers on the net with an average of 4.4 out of 5 from most reviewers on Amazon.

Here are some of the comments to date:
• Works perfectly. I bought this particular radio because it uses re-chargable batteries and I can use it in the garden, bathroom etc etc. I am very happy with it.
• This is a superb little radio. Well made with a good sound quality. Battery seems to last a long time before charge required.
• This radio does just what it says on the tin. It is great to be able to use rechargeable batteries which makes using outside free. I don’t even have to extend the aerial for perfect DAB reception at home.
• At last something that does exactly what it is meant to do. I live in a bad area for reception but with this radio it is wonderful reception, worth every penny! Buy it.

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