Read our guide before purchasing a DAB shower radio

What to look for when purchasing a new DAB shower radio.

Dab radio is becoming more popular and as it replaces fm radio and we listen to it more & more we then like to take it with us everywhere – including in the bathroom!, but this provides the challenge of not wanting to get your new shiny DAB radio wet potentially ruining it – fear not – let us guide you through our thought process when choosing our latest DAB shower radio.

Here is our list of features that we wanted:

  • Waterproof, splashproof & weatherproof: This one is kind of obvious I know but essential – there are many types of DAB radio on the market and its essential that it states that the radio unit is suitable for use in the bathroom, by the pool or even in the rain while working outdoors etc.
  • Portability: Another obvious but essential feature as we need our radio unit to be small and not clunky whilst in the shower/bathroom and it also has to run from rechargeable batteries and be able to operate without being plugged in as nearly all bathrooms have no access to an electrical socket. This also means that the battery life of the radio must be up to scratch and last long enough between charges.
  • Good signal & sound: DAB reception across the UK varies however most new DAB radios can pick up the signal perfectly so this shouldn’t be much of an issue, however, we need good, clear and preferably loud sound from any new dab shower radio that we buy as we need to hear it over the spray of the shower.
  • Ease of use: Its need to be easy to use as the last thing we would want when using a radio in the shower or bathroom is to have to fiddle about with the unit to change station or turn up the volume.

Whilst looking for a new waterproof DAB radio we found them to be few and far between. It seems that there are many FM radios that can be used in the bathroom but not too many DAB radios (and we love DAB radio). However we did find one that fits the bill perfectly and it easily met all of the features that we have previously mentioned.

The Roberts Splash DAB/FM RDS Digital All Weather Radio is perfect for use in the shower or bathroom. This waterproof DAB radio is perfect for the shower and bathroom as it is compact and portable – the unit will give you up to 60 hours listening on a single set of two ‘D’ sized batteries so there is no messing about with wires and there is a long time between charges – I like to spend up to an hour in the bath so at up to 60 hours this was a god send!

This stylish radio is easy to tune (it automatically scans for channels and gets the time on setup) and has a big display. I was able to pre-set my favourite DAB stations and this means that I can easily change them at the touch of a button – handy for when in the bathroom.

I especially enjoy the clock display which is a convenient feature that I use to keep track of time when getting ready for work and another quirky feature is the ability to hang it up on the wall by its swivel handle – something I hadn’t even thought of.

With regards to its sound I am able to get a crystal clear signal and the volume levels are loud enough to hear it over the shower spray. One downside of the unit though is the fact that you have to use rechargeable batteries and they aren’t supplied with the unit however I was able to pick up the two ‘D’ sized rechargeable batteries for under a tenner from Amazon and they will last me a long, long time!

Overall this dab shower radio is a great unit and I am so glad with my purchase and it is well worth the money. Whether in the shower before rushing to work or while relaxing and unwinding after a stressful day in the bath this radio is a great companion and is well worth the money – it will last for many years to come – just try not to annoy the neighbours by singing along too loud!

What others are saying:
The Roberts Splash has received rave reviews from most consumers on the net with an average of 4.7 out of 5 from most reviewers on Amazon .

Here are some of the comments to date:
• I love this little radio, it has a good signal pick up and a clear sound.
• It does what it was advertised to do and works perfectly for me.
• Brilliant – well worth the money despite its cost – very clear and lovely to shower and not worry about splashing !
• I bought this for my wife for use in the bathroom and she loves it. The best Xmas present she received this year.
• Great quality, looks fab. Definitely improved my time in the bathroom. Would definitely recommend it and would make a great present.

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