Best DAB Radio Player Car Adapter Reviews

Buying a Dab radio player for your car? Look no further.

How to get DAB digital radio in your car

If you’re anything like me then you may own a car that’s more than a few years old meaning that you are stuck with a handful of fm stations to listen too rather than the many stations that digital radio can bring.

There are two main ways of getting DAB radio in your car:

Fixed units – these are full radio units that will replace your existing fm radio or act as an add on that will placed alongside your radio. The problem with these units is that unless your a whiz with cars they need to be installed by a professional as often the installation involves removing parts of the car such as the dash with special tools. Once installed and working though they should be good for years to come and are at least hidden from sight.

Another downside to fixed units is that some of the latest DAB in car devices can cost as much as £245! Why waste time and money installing such an expensive system when you can get DAB radio in your car for as little as £55?

Adapters – The other type of device available on the market are DAB in car adapters. These work by using your existing radio and effectively upgrade it to DAB. They receive the DAB signal via an aerial and send it to your radio via a predetermined frequency on your radio which you can then save to a preset button.

The advantage of an in car adapter kit is that they are usually a lot cheaper and can easily be installed by anyone with no technical knowledge. Another advantage is that as they are not fixed you can take them out of your car and put them into another vehicle such as your van or second car. You can also remove the whole system easily if you ever sell your vehicle and transfer it to your new one.

Below we take a look at some of the latest dab radio kits for cars to save you time and money:

Quick Picks:

Price Rating
EasyDAB DB-1
Pure Highway 400
Pure Highway 600
Most Expensive

Best dab car radio adapter under £100

EasyDAB ® DB-1 – In-Car Universal Plug-and-Play DAB/DAB+ Adapter with FM-Transmitter Review

This little gem allows you to stream DAB & DAB+ radio straight through your regular car radio via FM broadcast. Its plug and play system and easy setup means that all you have to do is plug it into your car cigarette charger and match to a preset station on your car radio. It will even broadcast the station name on your cars display.

Its twist knob allows you to simply scan for a new DAB station means it is safe to operate whilst driving and the 1.5 inch LCD screen allows you to easily see the current station details. The integrated 2.1A USB charging port also allows you to charge your mobile phone at the same time.

This model comes with a DAB aerial that gives maximum reception and radio coverage (even in rural areas) and the aerial has a long cable allowing you to place it where ever is most practical for you. If for any reason you cant get a good reception from the DAB to car Fm transmitter you can always use an Aux cable (3.5mm) to connect the adapter direct to your car as a nice backup feature.

This in car radio adapter has to be the best, easiest and cheapest way to upgrade your car to DAB+ digital radio.

Best Value DAB Car Radio

AUTODAB GO Car Stereo ( Bluetooth ) Review

The AutoDAB Go is a slightly more expensive model that also transmits DAB & DAB+ stations via FM (or Aux) through your car radio. Again it is also a plug and play model (charged via cigarette lighter) and can be fitted into your car within minutes with minimal fuss.

The colour screen is crystal clear and easy to read with plenty of detailed information and the device is controlled by simple buttons and a rotary switch. It has the ability to store your favourite stations and you can scroll through these stations alphabetically.

You can also make phone calls on this model with its bluetooth function allowing you to answer and end calls hands free. The radio cuts out once an incoming call comes through so that you can talk without any distraction.

One slight downside is that although many users of this device report great reception even in the usual “DAB dead spots” some have said that they needed to buy another external aerial (ranging from £10 – £30) to get the most out of the adapter. I have personally chosen this model for my own car and also live in an area known for bad DAB reception and have never encountered any problems with the reception.