Pure One Classic Series II Portable DAB FM Radio Review

Pure is the world’s leading manufacturer of internet radios, wireless music solutions and primary supplier of digital radios throughout Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.  Their growth as a company is led by their continued efforts to find the best solutions for customers the world over.  Their product development and innovation teams work tirelessly to design state-of-the-art music systems that continue to astound customers because of their aesthetics, design sensibilities, high-quality of reception, high sound quality, and the budget friendly prices.   The Pure One Classic Series II Portable DAB/FM Radio is easy to use, sounds great and looks great.

Battery Life

While the manufacturer does not provide specifics for the length of time that you can listen to the Pure One Classic Series II Portable Radio, 25 to 30 hours of listening can be expected.  With the addition of optional the ChargePak C6L rechargeable battery pack, customers can enjoy many more hours of uninterrupted listening of their favorite digital or FM radio stations.  Without the ChargePak 26L, this radio uses 6 D alkaline batteries that are both cost-effective and easy to find.

Sound Quality

Most people are astounded by the sound quality of digital radio and especially from the Pure One Classic II.  The single speaker provides for excellent listening and enjoyment and even at the highest volume levels, there is no distortion in sound quality.  The unit provides for adequate volume for both indoor and outdoor settings.  The overall sound quality is crisp and clear without the annoying interference of most standard non-digital portable radios.

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Ease Of Use

The Pure One Classic II Digital Radio is easy to use, straight from the box.  Setup is virtually nonexistent and in just a manner of minutes, you can be listening to your favorite digital or FM radio stations.  This intelligent digital radio find radio stations automatically and astoundingly quick.  The controls are easy to decipher and easy to manipulate.  Pause, play and record features are easy to use, right out of the box.  The product design team surely  worked hours to create such an intuitive and user-friendly digital radio.

Overall Strengths

In 2011, the Pure Classic II Digital Radio was awarded the LIVE Magazine Gadget Award’s Gold Medal for its outstanding performance and design.  This great looking portable radio is ideal for individuals that are on the go and that want the flexibility of listening to either digital radio or FM stations wherever they may be.  The size and weight are great for offices, homes, and recreational vehicles.  The “Listen Later” function enables users to save favourite digital radio programmes for playback at a later time.  This radio saves the program in memory and can typically hold approximately 45 minutes of your favourite broadcast.  This feature is ideal for individuals that enjoy regularly scheduled programs but do not have the time to listen when they are played live.  “What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision” in 2011 awarded this portable genius digital radio 5 stars because of its design and affordability and it has made the Tech List at The Sunday Times and awarded 5 starts because it is a “smart radio at an affordable price”.

Unlike other digital radios and stereos at this price point, the Pure One Classic Series II Portable DAB/FM Radio is packed with features not found in the competition.  This includes the Intellitext feature that allows users to scroll through text from broadcasters, the textSCAN feature that allows for pausing and control, and the ability to hook up an iPod/MP3 player.  Additionally, most people really enjoy the radio alarm that is so often missing in most digital radios available today.  This makes this radio ideal for bedrooms and then it is easily moved to the kitchen, bathroom or other destination.  For individuals looking for a durable, stylish, and reliable digital radio, they cannot do better than the Pure One Classic II Portable DAB/FM Radio.

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Technical Specifications And Features Of The Pure One Classic Series II

Pure designs and manufacturers over 30 lines of digital radios.  Pure is a division of the Imagination Technologies Group plc that focuses on multimedia and communications equipment at the highest levels.  Pure’s The One Classic Series II is a DAB digital and FM radio with features not found in competing brands.  People that have purchased other digital radios are often disappointed in the sound quality, ease of use and the lack of features that Pure digital radios offer.

  • DAB digital and FM radio functions
  • “Listen Later” function saves favourite programmes for playback at a later time
  • “Intellitex” on-demand access to stored scrolling text from participating broadcasters
  • “texScan” pauses and controls scrolling text
  • Individual adjustable bass and treble settings
  • 30 presets stations available:  15 digital and 15 FM
  • Clock with sleep timer
  • Tone or radio alarm when on mains power
  • Portable design
  • Full-range 3: drive unit speakers
  • Input connecters include 12V DC power adapter, 230V adapter, Mini USB connection, 3.5mm line for auxiliary devises
  • Output:  3.5mm headphone socket
  • Controls:  standby, volume, presets, menu, listen later, pause/play, source, stations, channel select, volume
  • LCD display – large easy to read with character display plus status icons
  • Batter power supply either 6 C(R14) batteries or the optional ChargePAK C6L
  • Dimensions:  210mm w x 145 high x 72 mm deep
  • Integrated telescopic aerial
  • Auxiliary input for MP3 or iPod players
  • Comprehensive two year warranty

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