Pure Move 2500 Rechargeable Personal Digital DAB & FM Radio Review

If you have used any Pure products before in the past, then you are already well aware of the fact that they have continued a great habit of making some of the highest quality electronic devices that are currently available on the market.

There is a wide variety of different products that serve different purposes that have been released by Pure in the past but many of them have been completely eclipsed by the quality and efficiency that their development team has placed within the walls of the Pure Move 2500 rechargeable personal digital DAB/FM radio.

All that you need to do is turn it on and use it for a few moments before you realize that it is one of the best digital radios that you have ever used before in your life.  There is just so much that this small device is capable of doing on a daily basis for the people that use it.  What are some of those things?  I am glad that you asked!

Before You Even Turn It On

Immediately after I received my Pure Move 2500, there were quite a few benefits that I immediately noticed soon after I took it out of the box.  This device is very small, light and portable.  The digital radio that I had before I decided to go with the Pure Move 2500 was heavy, big and bulky.  If I wanted to carry it in my jeans when I was out and about, I had to make sure that I placed it in a pocket all by itself and it was still a pretty tight fit.

The Pure Move 2500, though, can literally be placed almost anywhere comfortably so you can place it in your pocket, bag or even on an armband and not even remember that it is there after a few minutes.

Pure Move 2500 comes with quality accessories

I also really enjoyed the headphones that came with this digital radio.  If you have purchased a digital radio before in the past, you probably were highly upset that they provided you with some cheap headphones that seem to stop working properly after you use them once.  The headphones that come with the Pure Move 2500 digital radio, however, are top quality and effectively isolate noises so that you can fully enjoy your music.  There are even separate controls for your bass and treble so you can adjust the settings to make sure that you are getting the best sound quality possible.

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More Presets Than You Will Ever Need

 Have you ever had a radio (whether it was portable, in your home or in your car) that you wish had more presets?  You may have a long list of favorite radio stations that you want to have direct access to with the click of a button, but those radios just do not allow you to do so.  Instead, you find yourself wasting valuable seconds and even minutes having to fumble through the stations until you find the one that you want.

I don’t know about you, but that was extremely frustrating to me with all of the other radios and music players that I have had in the past.  One of the best parts about the Pure Move 2500, though, is that it allows you to program up to 20 different presents within your music player with an even split between digital and FM radio stations so you can truly have the best of both worlds available at any time conveniently through your digital radio.

Uninterrupted Listening for Hours and Hours

 Another downside of many other digital radios and music players is that their batteries seem to burn out way too quickly.  You may be just starting to really get into the station that you have chosen to listen to or it may even be playing through the middle of your favorite song.  Right when it gets to the good part, the entire device shuts down because your battery has completely died on you after only a few hours.

The development team of the Pure Move 2500 obviously heard our cries and worked hard to change this setback into a comeback with this device.  Why do I say that? This digital radio comes with a battery pack that can be recharged whenever convenient. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy up to 15 hours of quality listening on your portable device by using the recharged battery pack which can be recharged using the supplied mains adapter or from the USB port on a PC or Mac.  No longer do you have to worry about having your favorite song interrupted or your favorite station cut short, because the Pure Move 2500 is going to make sure that you are never without the music that you love for very long.

So Many More Benefits

 These are just some of the many benefits that you can experience by owning the Pure Move 2500.  I know that I am still finding out more and more about mine since the day that I bought it and am truly enjoying every single moment. I particularly enjoy the fact that it features a LCD screen which will show battery and volume level as well as the name of the station you’re listening to and when in DAB mode you can see signal strength and any scrolling text that is available – very useful!  Another tip is to use the lock button on the device to stop it from changing settings whilst you’re on the move or if you have it in your pocket or bag.

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There may be a wide variety of other digital radios that you can choose to listen to you and you may be pleased with the one that you currently have.  However, you owe it to yourself to try the Pure Move 2500 and experience the power of one of the best portable radios available on the market today!


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