Looking for a DAB site radio? Read our reviews before purchasing.

A good DAB jobsite radio will keep away the boredom work can bring.

A good radio is an incredible asset to a work site. When people are working, they often don’t have the time to do anything else besides, well, work and it can be mundane and boring so the only thing to get you through the day can be listening to your favourite radio programme or tunes.

dewalt site radio review

Listening to the radio gives people the freedom to listen to anything – music, radio plays, news, sports – without losing precious hours on the job. Work radios are incredibly popular in fields that keep people busy all hours. Those fields typically include construction sites and industrial jobs, caretaking duties, housekeeping jobs and even some office jobs.

So, if you’re planning on taking advantage of Digital Audio Broadcasting at your work site, you’re going to need a good DAB site radio. Luckily, there are many DAB radio brands on the market to check out. The problem is…. which one is the right one for your needs?

Quick Comparison of Site Radios

Extra Features
Battery Type
Makita DMR104DAB, FM/AMSmartphone & Mp3 via Aux, WaterproofMakita battery & Power supply
Makita BMR103BFM/AMiPhone/iPod Dock, Smartphone & Mp3 via Aux, WaterproofMakita battery & Power supply
Makita DMR106BFM/AMBluetooth, USB, Smartphone & Mp3 via Aux, WaterproofMakita battery & Power supply
Hitachi UR18DSDLDAB+, DAB, FM/AMBluetooth, USB Charger, Smartphone Cover, WaterproofMilwaukee Battery & Power supply
Hitachi UR18DSL/J4FM/AMSmartphone & Mp3 via Aux, USB Charger Li-Ion, NiCad and NiMH slide and cassette batteries & Mains
DeWalt XR DAB PlusDAB+, DAB, FM/AMSmartphone & Mp3 via Aux, USB Charger10.8V, 14.4V and 18V XR Li-Ion batteries & Mains
DeWalt DCR020-GBDAB+, DAB, FM/AMSmartphone & Mp3 via Aux, USB Charger10.8V, 14.4V and 18V XR Li-Ion batteries & Mains
DEWALT DWST1-75663-GBDAB+, DAB, FM/AMSmartphone & Mp3 via Bluetooth, USB Charger10.8V, 14.4V and 18V XR Li-Ion batteries & Mains
Denver DAB-44DAB+, DAB, FM/AMSmartphone & Mp3 via AuxBattery & Mains
Ear Defender "EARMUFF"AM/FM, MP3Seek and Scan Functions, Comfortable foam cushions4x AA battery included

Types of work site radio:

The site radio can be found in many forms nowadays. They’re available as the traditional standalone radio or compact-looking portable models. They’re even available as smartphone docks and Hi-Fi systems. Thanks to the amount of models out there, you pretty much have a wide selection to choose from.

  • The regular site radio. These radios are pretty much staples on any job site and are suitable in most locations where there’s a power outlet. Battery-powered models can be taken anywhere, as long as you have the batteries to support it.
  • The portable DAB radio. This version of the DAB radio is, well, portable. They’re not often integrated into MP3 players or mobile phones, so you’ll have to stick with a dedicated portable DAB site radio instead.
  • The DAB micro system. People that want more out of a radio might like a DAB micro system for their workplace. These DAB radios simply offer more power, better sound quality and typically outperform a standard DAB radio.

Why choose a DAB jobsite radio?

Thinking about buying a DAB radio for your job or worksite? Lucky for you, there are many great reasons to consider buying one for your workplace. The best reason is simple enough: many site radios offer enough reception and coverage for a wide variety of radio stations in your area.

In fact, there are more stations available on DAB than regular analogue radios. Many digital-only radio channels are available on DAB, whereas they’re not available on any analogue radio. The sound quality is often better, too, since most radio stations picked up via a DAB radio will have output the quality as expected from a digital radio station.

Most importantly, a DAB radio is easier to operate than a regular analogue radio. These radios are now designed to help anyone immediately operate the device from the moment they take it out of the box.

What is the best jobsite radio? Read our reviews to find out!

Makita, Hitachi and Dewalt make the best work site radios and so we will review these makes in detail followed by a few other of the lesson known models.

Best Makita DAB Job site radios

Makita DMR104 Job Site Radio Stereo with DAB and FM (18v) Review

This DAB-enabled radio produces relatively great sound with the ability to pick up many AM/FM and digital-only stations. This is our top pick as the best builders DAB radio.

The chassis itself is definitely designed to fit any situation, as it’s tough and rugged enough to outlast wear and tear from being carried from job site to job site. It’s also waterproof, too. The chassis is made from a ‘tough molded’ ABS casting, which gives its reinforced case-like looks and makes it the best radio for a construction site.

This Makita site radio works with multiple power sources, including Makita’s own batteries. You can use it by plugging into a main power source or connect it directly to your power tool’s battery. The radio itself comes with a 240V AC power adapter.

The loudspeaker system outputs great sound and that’s backed up by the customer impressions associated with this job site radio. You can even plug in your smartphone or MP3 player via the auxiliary port to listen.

Makita’s Jobsite Radio with iPod Dock BMR103B (Not a DAB model) Review

As another durable job site radio, this Makita radio is noted for its use with iPhones and iPods. It’s thanks to the included iPod dock, which can be used with most of the aforementioned devices.

The included FM antenna is flexible enough to pick up any analogue radio signal. It isn’t, however, a DAB radio (FM only), so people buying this one should take note of that.

This FM job site radio can actually withstand rough handling to the point of surviving impact after falling about one meter to the ground. It can also last up to five minutes exposed in the rain, thanks to its waterproof chassis. This radio can be powered using its included AC adapter or rechargeable Makita batteries.

Makita Job site Radio Review

Slightly dissapointed that the Makita’s Jobsite Radio with iPod Dock doesnt have DAB however its still a great job site radio.

Makita DMR106B Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth and USB Charger (not a DAB model) Review

If you are looking for a radio that is simple to use and lets you wirelessly connect to your phone, this is an excellent choice.  It is an am/fm receiver, so you won’t get DAB, but the ability to use Bluetooth to listen to a variety of your own audio devices is a huge plus.

There is a USB port for you to be able to charge your mobile device, at the same time as listening to music.  Two large speakers facilitate a high quality sound and you can either use an AC power connector or Makita lithium ion batteries.  You will get approximately 20 hours usage from the batteries, so it is perfect as a portable device.

This radio features elastomer bumpers to protect against small knocks and it can withstand a falling impact of 1 metre.  It is also shower proof, though be sure to keep it on a shelf or windowsill, rather than actually in the water flow.  It can withstand up to 5 minutes exposure to rain, which is perfect for those many days of unpredictable weather.

Best Hitachi DAB job site radios

Hitachi UR18DSDL Radio Review

This high performance radio allows you to get DAB+ and FM stations, ensuring you get a great quality of sound and the highest possible reception accuracy.  With the DAB+, you get song information on the digital screen, such as the title and artist.  You can choose up to 10 station presets, making it a simple and convenient way to listen to all your favourite music.

You can use it to charge your iPhone and can use an AC power connector or Milwaukee M18TM batteries to run it.  You get up to 12 hours of life using the M18TM REDLITHIUM-IONTM 5.0 Ah battery pack, which makes it fairly portable.  The radio will not charge the batteries, so you will need to replace them as they die.

Mobile devices are protected from the weather by being placed in a sealed compartment, allowing you to use the radio without the worry of damaging your iPhone.  There are also shock absorbing end caps and metal speaker grills, designed to keep your radio undamaged from drops of water and debris.  This makes it perfect for use on a building site or similar environment.  You could also use it in the garden, while getting rid of those pesky weeds.

Hitachi’s UR18DSL/J4 Site Radio Review

This Hitachi site radio, like similar radios, comes with a FM/AM digital tuner and an included LCD display. So, straight away, it’s pretty simple for most people to start using.

It’s also pretty high performance, too, thanks to its high performance 76mm dual speakers that feature the characteristic Bass Reflex construction reflected in Hitachi job site radios of this type.

The chassis itself is strong-looking, so you already know that it’s suitable enough to take anywhere on the go. Besides that, it features a large rotary carry handle. Like similar radios, it has an auxiliary port to support digital music players and a handy charging port for mobile phones. This radio runs off 9.6V to 18V cassette and slide batteries.

Most customers don’t like the fact that this radio runs off of transformer-based power when not using its batteries. It’s considered rather cumbersome in some work environments.

Best Dewalt DAB Job Site Radios

Dewalt’s XR DAB Plus Radio Charger Review

This durable and shock-absorbing site radio changes up standard DAB radio fair by exclusively providing DAB+ and FM tuner coverage for a wide variety of digital and analogue signals. The included DAB+ digital tuner allows people to efficiently improve this radio’s sound quality when its in use.

Of course, the great sound quality from this Dewalt job site radio is also attributed to its twin woofers and tweeters. Included with this radio is a multi-voltage XR charger to keep any of Dewalt’s XR power tool batteries ‘ready to go.’ The radio itself can be powered using those same batteries, including 18V XR Li-Ion batteries, and power outlets with its regular AC power adapter.

We love the looks of the Dewalt’s XR DAB Plus Radio Charger however its slightly on the expensive side and maybe not for those on a budget, only the price lets it down.

DeWalt DCR020-GB Compact Jobsite DAB Radio Review

This great little radio comes from a well-known and reputable manufacturer.  It is compact and robust enough to survive the jobsite and you can pick up both DAB+ and FM stations.  It features an integral roll cage to provide impact resistance, making it a reliable and durable product.

You can run it using either a 1.8m power cord or XR Li-Ion batteries, depending on your preference and location at the time.  The power cord can be safely stored away when not in use, using a wrap-around system.  The batteries will need to be re-charged or replaced, for the radio will not do this for you.

It features basic, simple to use controls but you cannot store station presets, so be prepared to search for your desired station each time you want to listen to something new.  It is light and convenient to transport and the handy USB charging port is a bonus.  You can connect your iPod or iPhone, giving you that extra flexibility.

The volume is great, so you will hear your music over the usual sounds of a building site.  Though don’t expect to hear it over an electric power drill.  Obviously.

DEWALT DWST1-75663-GB Toughsystem Radio Review

This is a more all-singing, all-dancing offering from DeWalt.  You can pick up AM, FM and DAB+ stations and can store station presets for maximum convenience.  Another great feature is that it is compatible with all Toughsystem boxes, allowing you to stack it neatly on top of any other Toughsystem toolboxes you may have.

You can power it using an AC power connector or your power tool XR battery.  This radio will charge your 10.8v, 14.4v or 18v XR batteries, as well as your phone via the USB port.  You can also play music from your phone or MP3 player, using the Bluetooth function.  The six speakers included give an amazing, high quality sound and it works well both inside and outside.

This is one of the most popular products on the market and it is easy to see why.  The deep bass and rich sound sets it apart from many other jobsite radios and the class D amplifier creates a real treat for the ears making it the best sounding job site radio.  The internal aerial ensures it won’t be damaged and there is also a water resistant cover.  When you have finished for the day, simple store the plug within the device for convenience.

Best buy cheap DAB site radio

Denver’s DAB-44 Job site radio review

Denver’s DAB-44 is another ‘strong’ looking site radio that’s pretty much ready to be lugged anywhere.

This radio can pick up both digital and analogue radio signals, including FM, DAB and DAB+ reception. It also includes a large, backlit LCD display for people to easily navigate the available stations.

As for the housing, it’s waterproof and shock-proof, making it a great work site radio. It’s compact, too, so you don’t to worry about taking up much space. The Denver DAB-44 runs off battery power and any main power source accessible by its AC adapter. It also includes an auxiliary input port for other external audio components like MP3 players.

Best dab radio ear defenders

If you work in a loud environment that requires ear protection then you might not have a use for a digital radio as you wont be able to hear it properly. Thats where radio ear defenders come in. Unfortunately, the only DAB pair we found were always out of stock so we had to settle for good old fm ear defenders – a compromise but hey at least you get to listen to the radio instead of loud noise or boring coworkers!

Ear Defender “EARMUFF” Radio Headphones Review

If you want a radio that doubles up as ear protectors, this is a fantastic product.  It will block out the noise of machinery and other radios around you and let you listen to your own music instead.  It features comfortable foam cushions, so you won’t mind wearing them all day if required, and you can get replacement gel pads for them.  The headband wires provide an even distribution of pressure around your ears too.

You can store up to 16 radio station presets and it has a long-lasting battery power of over 200 hours.  The LCD displays allows for accurate tuning.  The volume has a maximum level of 31dB, which ensures your ears won’t get damaged from having it set too high.  There is also a stereo input cable, which is compatible with MP3 and iPods.

This lightweight product is great for portable use, as you won’t need to transport a radio around with you.  Setup is straight forward and the headphones are very simple to use.  With the use of these, you can help to protect your ears from industrial ear damage, such as Tinnitus, as well as listen to all your favourite music.