Looking for a childrens DAB radio? We review the best kids DAB radios on the market.

kids dab radio

In the modern age children can have sensory overload with the amount of gadgets they use on a daily basis. From mobile phones to tablets, games consoles and television, children clock up a lot of screen time.

We all know it’s important to switch off from the screens to give ourselves and our children a break. One of the best ways to reduce screen time is to introduce your children to the medium of radio.

Bedtime is a great time for a child to listen to the radio. When trying to wind down to sleep, experts recommend we do not look at screens for at least an hour before bed. With a radio children can lay in bed and listen to a relaxing bedtime story whilst they fall to sleep.

Children can also listen to radio whilst they play with their favourite toys – whether it’s Lego or a dolls house they will enjoy the comfort of their favourite songs or fun station playing in the background.

When looking for a kids dab radio you may need to consider the following:

Easy to use

Children of all ages are picking up new technology very quickly – some children are even more advanced at using this new technology than their parents! However, for small children you might want to consider a radio that is easy to use. This will probably include a radio with a large digital display and easy to use pre-set buttons so that they won’t have problems changing the volume or station.


The size of the radio will also be important. To involve the child with listening to the radio you will want them to be able to work it themselves meaning you need a radio that is small and compact that can fit on a shelf rather than a large object that needs an adult to move around.

The colour may also play a part in whether the child will get involved with the radio. If the colour doesn’t match the gender or décor of their room they may shy away from using it. It might be best then to stick to blue for boys, pink for girls, or of course you can always go with gender neutral colours.


Most digital radios for kids are basic for obvious reasons, however, older children might enjoy the extra functions that come with mainstream dab radios. For example a lot of children keep music on their mp3 players, phones or tablets, or like to stream music, so to be able to use the radio with their own music is a must.

Using technology such as Bluetooth, wifi streaming or usb, children can play their own music through their radio – using it as a speaker. This has many advantages for both parents and kids with kids being able to listen to what they like but parents could also play things like bedtime stories or audio books from their children’s favourite authors through the radio.

We recommend the following children’s dab radios:

Lava Portable DAB Digital & FM Radio

This DAB and FM radio is ideal for kids. It is small, lightweight and easy to use and has a crisp easy to read digital screen. It also comes in 4 colours blue, purple, cream and teal – something to suit everyone. We love this radio as it ticks all our boxes when choosing a kids radio.

One downside it that although it does function well as a lovely dab radio – it doesn’t have any extra functions other than digital and fm radio.

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For a dab radio that has extra functions that may be suited to older children look no further than the August MB400.

August MB400

This DAB/DAB+ radio is ideal for older children as along with DAB/FM it also allows you to input music via usb and Bluetooth or even old style 3.5mm cables – perfect for bedtime stories, audio books, older children’s sleep overs or even children’s parties where anyone can share their music from their phone or Bluetooth enabled device.

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FM radios for children

We love DAB radio and think children should be introduced to it at an early age. With countries such as Norway completely switching to digital radio it is only a matter of time before every country switches to digital and it’s important that kids know the benefits of digital radio and how they work.

However, there are times when good old FM radio is sufficient and with digital radios becoming popular FM radios are dropping in price. If you don’t mind a radio for your child that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles then try any of the following stylish but cheaper FM radios.

August SE20

TMNT Boombox Radio CD Player

Steepletone Penguin Shower Radio