DAB Digital Radio vs Internet Radio


There is a lot of differences between FM, DA & Internet radio – below is our quick guide to choosing the best type to most suit your needs.

What do I need to receive this type of radio?A digital radio player – look for the DAB sign.A radio marked as internet/wireless or as needing a Wifi signal.
How does it work?The radio player picks up radio stations via a digital signal.The radio player receives the radio stations via the internet – usually through the listeners home Wifi.
Can I receive the signal in my area?Please use our free DAB signal check service – approx 85% of the UK can receive digital radio.As long as you have an internet connection (wired/wireless depending on the type of player) you can access internet radio – it can also be received via your home pc and other devices such as your tablet or smartphone.
How is this different to FM radio?DAB has a superior signal as it uses a digital signal rather than an analogue signal like FM/AM and so does not broadcast any interference.Internet radio uses wifi to receive a digital signal superior to FM/AM radio as it does not broadcast interference.
How many radio channels/stations can I receive?You can receive a lot more different stations than FM radio due to the type of signal – however not as much as internet radio. Also the amount of channels you can receive depends on where you live and how good you signal/radio player is. You can receive thousands of stations from all over the world via the internet.
Which radio player is best for receiving digital radio content?Depends on a number of factors such as your budget, whether you want a portable player or something like a Hifi, etc. Check out our DAB radio buying guide here.Depends on a number of factors such as your budget, whether you want a portable player or something like a Hifi, do you want advanced features with the player such as media streaming, etc. Check out our internet radio buying guide here.

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