Best Portable Dab Digital Radio Reviews

First lets start with the fact that a portable dab radio isn’t a pocket or personal dab radio – to read about these click here and if your looking for a portable dab radio with a cd player please read this in more detail in this article.

So your looking for a new portable DAB radio? Good because you have come to the right place. We review the latest and greatest portable radios to help you make an informed choice before you purchase.

Best Portable Dab Digital Radio Reviews

We have grouped each set of radios according to their best features so be sure to use the table below to select the features that mean most to you.

Best Small & Lightweight Mini Portable DAB radio

Goodmans Portable Digital & FM Radio Review

As most people want a portable radio to be well.. portable then its only fair to assume they need something small, compact and lightweight. The Goodmans Portable Digital & FM Radio is just that. Less than 11cm high and weighing less than 320g this radio has portability written all over it.

The shape is handy to fit inside a small suitcase or even a backpack.  You can either use the mains connector to power it or batteries, which give it a life of 9 hours.  While this isn’t a particularly long time, it is fine for most needs.

It is easy to set up as it will automatically scan and add DAB stations from the first power on and once operational you will enjoy a great reception and sound quality from such a small radio.

The controls are simple to use, making it ideal for anyone not technologically-minded.  The sound quality is clear and crisp and the text shows the name of the song currently playing.  If you are unable to listen to music out loud, you can plug in headphones via the connection located on the back.  If you do want to listen to it out loud, the volume is more than adequate but you will need to press and hold the button to change it.

It is available in 4 colours of Apple Green, Brown, Steel and Ruby and is usually priced a lot cheaper than most of the other name brand DAB radios.

The only downside to this radio is that the buttons and display are smaller than most other radios but that is of course to be expected on a radio of this size.

Another great yet small radio is the Pictek DAB Digital FM Radio. Again it is a small, compact and easy to use dab/fm radio, ideally suited to use both around the home and when travelling (great little radio for the caravan).

Best portable dab radio with Bluetooth

Pure Evoke H4 Portable Digital Radio Review

Most people nowadays like to have a personal collection of their favourite music stored somewhere on their phone or some other gadget, so the ability to use bluetooth to stream the music to a DAB radio is a must.

This naturally stylish offering is part of the iconic Evoke series and delivers not only on looks but on performance also.  Featuring a high powered 10 watt speaker, you get great sound quality and volume.  You can pick up FM and DAB/DAM+ stations and there is also the ability to stream your own music collection to the radio.  Simply connect your device wirelessly through Bluetooth.

You get up to 50 hours of life with the battery pack, so you can take it wherever you go and not have to worry about it dying.  Alternatively, you can power it using the mains adapter.  The large digital screen allows you to view information easily and clearly.  This radio automatically finds available radio stations and you can save up to 40 presets.  The biggest benefit of this radio is that it is future-proofed, as it is Digital Tick approved.  This means it is ready for a digital radio switch over.

It also features a very useful automatically updating clock and two alarms, with a snooze option available.  If you like, you can listen to the radio using headphones as there is an output included.  Designed and engineered in the UK by expert engineers, you can be sure this is a top quality product

Best rechargeable portable dab radio

Roberts Radio Play DAB Digital Radio Review

If your anything like me then your probably hopeless at remembering to recharge batteries, especially when you most need them. With the Roberts Radio Play Digital Radio you can charge while you listen meaning (once charged) you can move the radio to a different room or another part of the garden and sing your heart out without fear of the radio dying on you.

This radio is simple in design and also simple to use, with large buttons on the front.  It features a user changeable soft touch surround (with multiple choice of colours) and even has a built-in battery charger.  You can power it using the mains adapter or batteries and the lifespan of the batteries will depend entirely on the brand.  You can listen to both FM and DAB stations and song information will be displayed on the screen for stations that provide it.

Also on the display screen is the time and date, which is displayed underneath the music information.  If you plug the radio into the mains, this will stay displayed all the time.  However, if you use batteries then it will disappear after a short period of time to save battery life.  Easy to set up, this is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable DAB radio.  However, if the volume is turned up loud then it may distort the sound quality.

This is a basic option when it comes to DAB radios but if that is what you’re looking for then it is ideal.

Best Cheap Portable DAB Radio

1byone Portable Digital Radio Review

This is a fantastic all-singing, all-dancing radio, which you can use to listen to all your favourite DAB/DAB+ and FM stations.  With exceptionally high quality digital sound, you will really fall in love with it.  You can conveniently store up to 20 preset stations and the LCD display shows you station information.  Made from good quality materials, this won’t let you down.

With an understated and functional design, it features touch buttons with high sensitivity.  It also has a Bluetooth speaker and auxiliary in port, so you can use it as a portable speaker for your other devices.  You can also use it to play music form another source, such as your laptop or an MP3 player.  You can connect it to the mains or use a battery, depending on your location.

You also get an alarm with this radio, with two versatile alarms and a snooze option available for those mornings you need a little longer to get up.  You can either wake up to a buzzer or your favourite radio station.  With its lightweight design and compact shape, you can take this anywhere with you.  The 360 degree telescopic aerial enables you to pick up your favourite radio station from anywhere and you get exceptional reception quality.

Best Portable FM radio

Sony XDRS60DBPB.CEK – XDR-S60 DAB+/DAB/FM Digital Radio Review

This lovely retro design radio has a DAB/DAB+ and FM tuner, with the ability to save up to 10 preset stations.  The DAB transmits digital audio, meaning you get a clear, exceptionally high quality broadcast.  With Sony audio technology, the sound quality of this radio won’t let you down.

Featuring large buttons and easy to use controls, this is suitable for anyone.  The LCD display lets you know exactly what song you are listening to, as well as station information and even the type of music.  This display lights up when you switch on the radio and you can decide whether or not to leave it on.

Lightweight and small, you can take this radio with you anywhere.  You can use the mains adapter to run it, or you can use three C batteries that give you up to 16 hours of DAB/DAB+ coverage or up to 14 hours of FM reception.  If your batteries are running a little low, the LCD display will alert you to it.

There is one negative to this radio, which is that it doesn’t have an alarm.  So while it makes a great radio for listening to music, it would be no good as a bedside radio alarm.